Alpaca FAQ’s

Did you know….there are two types of Alpaca, Suri & Huacaya.

Alpacas live up to 20 years.

The  gestation period  for an alpaca is  approximately 11 months but this can vary between animals.

Cria ( baby alpacas) need to stay with their dam (mother)for approximately 6 months before they can be weaned.

Fun fact! there is no such thing as a miniature alpaca!

Alpacas are shorn every 12 months usually in the spring.

Alpacas need vitamins like us! they routinely need ADE supplementation, as well as 5in1 vaccine twice per year. they also need drenching, and a pedicure ( toe nails) trimmed.

They are ruminants and enjoy grazing on good pasture and hay. We provide our alpacas with supplementary feed such as lucerne hay and soaked lupins.

Alpacas are a herd animal. They need to be kept in groups of two or more animals. However male and female alpacas must be kept separately.

Alpacas need space! they are not suited to being a backyard pet

Castrated males make fantastic guards for sheep and other  small livestock such as chickens.